Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bringing Home 2 New Sprague's!

We are adopting two children from an orphanage in Ethiopia and there is only a few more weeks until our court date!!

In order to cover all of our travel expenses, we are doing a puzzle fundraiser to help with the last leg of our adoption journey. If you want to help us and be a vital piece of bringing our kids home, here’s how this fundraiser will work: Each puzzle piece will be a $25 donation to our adoption fund. 500 pieces @ $25 a piece= $12,500 raised (if fully completed)

Just by making a $25 donation to our adoption fund, you will have invested in one piece of our adoption puzzle, and more importantly in the future of our two children. We will write the name of each person who sponsors a piece (or pieces) on the back of the piece. When completed, we will frame the puzzle in a double glass frame. So on one side you will see the puzzle picture, and on the back you will see the names of those who helped us in this adoption journey. It will be a constant reminder hung in our home of those who came together to help bring the Sprague kids home!!

You have 2 options to join with us:
Option #1 –
1. Click on the Lifesong for Orphans link and then click on the "Donate" button.
2. When you make your donation you must put our family name & code number (Sprague #1318) on the "purpose" line that is provided.
3. Be sure to let us know so we can write your name on your piece or pieces and keep everyone updated on how much progress we have made with completing our adoption puzzle.
Option #2 –If you would rather not give online you can just write a check payable to "Lifesong for Orphans", put Sprague #1318 in the memo and get the check to us.

We have a court date on November 11th, which means we could potentially be bringing them home by Christmas!!! Thank you for considering being a part of this journey.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Lee Strobel at Life Church!

It was such an honor to host Lee Strobel at Life Church! He shared his story and the details of his journey of finding truth, freedom, and new life in Jesus. He started out as an Atheist who sought to prove that our faith is a fantasy, but ended up finding faith in Jesus instaed! What an awesome story, and what a great guy! We will certainly have him back at Life Church in the future!

For more information about Lee Strobel and his amazing journey go to

You can see his message at Life Church online on the media page of
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