Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mary in India

Mary left Friday 10-10-08 with a team of 12 people from Life Church. They are visiting the orphanage that we support there, and will be ministering in India for 10 days. This is a dream come true for several people on the team, especially for Mary. You may not know this, but before getting distracted by and married to me, Mary dreamed of being a missionary and serving the needs of the neediest of people. She is a champion for these types of ministries, and I am so excited that she gets to go on this trip! It's certainly not her first trip to a third world nation, but it's her first trip in several years. Having babies and putting up with me has kept her busy for several years. It's exciting to think of her over there loving those kids!

Please be praying for Mary and the team. You might want to pray for me and our 4 kids as well. We are a little lost without Mary here at home. :-)

Check out the blog below to get updates on the outreach. This is a blog that is kept by the leaders of Streams of Mercy.